stories to be told



It Came From the Bottom of the Ocean, but also from Space

Trapped beneath the sea, an alien creature stalks a small coastal town, infesting anyone who comes into contact with it.


The Last Known Sighting of Irma Strauss

Five strangers board a train in the French alps, along with a man escorting a Nazi war criminal to trial. Which of them is intent on making sure she goes free?


Working Class Wizards

Having graduated from Magic College, a pair of wizards find life after school less exciting than they imagined and seek an adventure outside of their life working for Questsure Insurance Against the Dark Arts. For lovers of Harry Potter, D&D and fantasy of all kinds


Jazz Noir: The Music of Murder

A beatnik private eye on the case of a dead friend and a doped girl, can Fearless Felix Phoenix solve this story of crime, music and murder?


The Terror in the Walls

Three friends spend their gap year in a quiet old house to work on their art, but are they truly alone?