It came from the bottom of the ocean, but also from space

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Trapped beneath the sea, an alien creature stalks a small coastal town, infesting anyone who comes into contact with it.

Lead Roles
Cheif Inspector Frank Hall -
Head of Rayleigh Cove police, Frank's a steady, down to Earth guy trying to protect his town from something not of this world.

Doctor Gabby Walters - a marine biologist whose level headed thinking and intelligence might be just what it takes to save the town. If not, she's also got a shotgun.

The Narrator
The only script to use a traditional narrator, this story will require a rich intense voice to guide the action and drama

Supporting Roles
Constables Charlotte Greyson, Bernie Helms and Ed Peele
- the police trying to maintain order in the chaos
Christie Baxter - patient zero, the first and most dangerous infested

The Last Known Sighting of Irma Strauss

Five strangers board a train in the French alps, along with a man escorting a Nazi war criminal to trial. Which of them is intent on making sure she goes free?

Lead Roles
Irma Strauss - wanted for war crimes, Irma had evaded capture until now. But even in custody, Irma has her cards to play. She is manipulative, cunning and psychopathoic

Caroline Heart - An English woman travelling alone. Wounded during the war, she is headstrong and outgoing, with a secret all her own

Peter Bloch - A British soldier returning to France to see the country without the war, placid and polite and harbourng a grudge

Emil Rommel - A former German soldier, searching for his brother who fled the Nazi's before the war, a solemn man who wants to leave the past behind him where it belongs

Dr. Herman Schwartz - An English gentleman and psychiatrist, sees himself as a scholar and charming wit and talkative to a fault

Inspector Thomas Paige - An Interpol Nazi hunter, Tom has spend the years snce the war looking for the worst of the worst. Duty bound but weary, Irma is his last job

Supporting Roles
Patrick Belgrave - The trains English porter, super friendly, super helpful
Inspector Baston - A French officer


Working class wizards

Having graduated from Magic College, a pair of wizards find life after school less exciting than they imagined and seek an adventure outside of their life working for Questsure Insurance Against the Dark Arts. For lovers of Harry Potter, D&D and fantasy of all kinds

Lead Roles
Vera Larke -
a graduated wizard, Vera is disillusioned with life after magic school. Seeking adventure, she's the part of everyone that wants something greater in life.

Glen Adams - also a graduated wizard, Glen is totally content to spend his days working in his cubicle and not getting chased by monsters.

Support Roles
iGor -
a super helpful robot for all your adventuring needs!
Aemulus Retch - a dark wizard with a devious plan

Jazz Noir: The Music Of Murder

a beatnik private eye on the case of a dead friend and a doped girl, can Fearless Felix Phoenix solve this story of crime, music and murder?

Lead Roles
Felix Phoenix -
the bebop beatnik private detective, Felix has a groove all his own against the typical stiff-collard flatfoot, this is one slick cat who can solve a case with style, baby.

Ria - a hard dame done hard by, Ria is a tattoo artist who's found herself in a heap of trouble. Not knowing who wants her dead or why, Felix may be her only hope.

Rose Wild - a torch singer, crooning at The Silverlight Lounge, this platinum blonde femme fatal might just hold the key to everything, but who has a hold of her?

The Terror in the Walls

Three friends spend their gap year in a quiet old house to work on their art, but are they truly alone?

Lead Roles
Nell -
a young painter who's moved into the house with her boyfriend Paul. Talented but more realistically grounded than the others, she's the first to feel that something is wrong

Paul - an aspiring poet who's creative ambition exceeds his abilities and he may be only just aware enough of this fact to be bitter about it.

Alex - a talented sculptor, Alex's only real connection with others is his best friend Paul

Over the hills and Far Away

Five young women travel to a friends remote cabin in the bush to help her deal with a death in the family. Soon they realise something has been following them, something clever, devious and cruel.