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Pulp Fury Radio

Audio plays for a new age


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What's all this then?

Pulp Fury Radio is a new project from one of the guys who made Dave Plus One, specifically the second one here.
A series of radio plays covering a range of genres, from scifi-horror, noir, myster to fantasy-comedy, Plup Fury Radio is designed to give podcast audiences something new by bringing back something old.

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Got a voice for radio?

We're looking for actors, voice actors, and people who just like talking to come and join the team! a wide range of charactors needs A wide range of vocal talent so if you want in we want to hear from you! Possibly!

Details to come, Head on over to the ROLES page to see plot summaries and the main characters of each story!

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Those responsible

B.T. Calloway - creator, head writer

After completing filming Dave Plus One, while the rest of the crew did something useful, Ben went to work writing scripts because he needed something to do. Having come up with the title It Came from the Bottom of the Ocean, But also From Space in a hot tub in Jindabyne years erlier (true story), he had the idea of trying the story as a radio play. That worked, so he wrote another, and another, and well you get the idea. He basically just wants to be Rod Serling.
Ben lives in Sydney, enjoys napping, making things up, and long walks to and from coffee shops.

Elliot Jay O'Neil - producer

Elliot loved working on Dave Plus One so much he was ready for anything and everything that might come next! He does not love writing bio's.
See the Shameless Plugs section for details on his new podcast!

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Shameless Plugs

Others who have done stuff we like
(it's mostly ourselves)

  • The romantic comedy web series Dave Plus One was co-written by B.T. and produced by Mr. O'Neill and marked their first attempts at doing anything with their lives.

  • The Simpsons Index is a podcast for any Simpsons fan. Elliot Jay O'Neill hosts a rotating pannel of Simpsons "experts", watching, discussing and catagorizing episodes of one of TV's greatest shows.

  • Loughlin Dyer is the awesome artist behind the PFR logo with more to coming soon! you can check out his brilliant work over on his wordpress page