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What's all this then?

Pulp Fury Radio is a new project from one of the guys who made Dave Plus One, specifically the second one here.
A series of radio plays covering a range of genres, from scifi-horror, noir, myster to fantasy-comedy, Plup Fury Radio is designed to give podcast audiences something new by bringing back something old.



The people behind the mic, in their own words

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Ben Hamilton

Ben is an actor and producer who was born in Lincolnshire, UK.
Having started his acting career during his time studying in the north of England, he subsequently moved to London in 2005 before relocating to Sydney, Australia in 2010 where he continues to work in a variety of productions.

Reel & Resume:
IG @thebenhamilton
TW @ActorHamilton

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Catherine McDonnell

Catherine is a twenty something Sci/Fi, Horror, Pop Culture nerd, fluent in Simpsons quotes.


Craig Walker

Craig has been performing in theatre, TV and film, for over 40 years. In that time he's been an Actor, Performer, Singer, Musician, Director, Special Events Manager, Stage Manager, and all around good-guy (mostly)

He has appeared on radio, TV, and theatre, alongside many Australian and international talents, was in the original promotional casts of both Rocky Horror and Blues Brothers, he has written and directed productions for theatre restaurant, and appeared in a number of short and feature films.




Kelly MacBride

Kelly is a Sydney based voice actor and improviser from the UK specialising in accents and characters. She performs regularly in radio plays and improv shows across Sydney, as well as doing some voice over work after hours while she’s transitioning from her day job in advertising!



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Craig James

Craig is a Sydney based actor, extra, model, singer, composer, pianist, and producer and can be contacted at Starnow

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Richard Cotter

Richard is an award winning actor, writer director and voice over. A regular contributor to ABC radio.

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Tom Burt

Thomas Burt is a Sydney-based actor and creative, known for his versatile voice and intelligent emotional sensitivity. He has trained with Howard Fine, in the NIDA Advanced Actors Ensemble, and is a recent graduate of International Screen Academy, working with Kevin Jackson, Julia Cotton, Lyn Pierse and Felicity Jurd. He recently completed voice training with Steven Hunter (The Hobbit, Wolf Creek) and provided documentary voiceover for feature film The Modern Day Jesus Christ. In theatre, Thomas most recently worked on Violent Extremism and Other Adult Party Games, directed by Michael Campbell, for the Depot Theatre, and Eight by Ella Hickson, directed by Janine Watson.

Playing this many voices and working through a huge array of genres has been a brilliant challenge, and something he's dearly hoping to repeat.





Steve Maresca


Steve Maresca graduated from Sydney Theatre School in 2008 with a advanced diploma in classical studies. While there he worked with Sam Haft, Michael Piggott, Mark Mathews, Keith Agius, John Higgins and many more. Since graduating Steve has amassed credits in Theatre and Film and T.V.

Theatre credits include. Tears Before Bedtime  (Ferknerkle Productions), The Local (Insomniact Theatre) Jerry and Tom (Insomniact) The Island of Dr Moron (Island grunt). Film and T.V credits include Dealing with Destiny, Skinford, Doctor Doctor and many more.

Steve is interested in performing in new works and hope you enjoy

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Those responsible

B.T. Calloway - creator, head writer

After completing filming Dave Plus One, while the rest of the crew did something useful, Ben went to work writing scripts because he needed something to do. Having come up with the title It Came from the Bottom of the Ocean, But also From Space in a hot tub in Jindabyne years erlier (true story), he had the idea of trying the story as a radio play. That worked, so he wrote another, and another, and well you get the idea. He basically just wants to be Rod Serling.
Ben lives in Sydney, enjoys napping, making things up, and long walks to and from coffee shops.

Elliot Jay O'Neil - producer

Elliot loved working on Dave Plus One so much he was ready for anything and everything that might come next! He does not love writing bio's.
See the Shameless Plugs section for details on his Simpsons podcast!

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Shameless Plugs

Others who have done things we like

  • The romantic comedy web series Dave Plus One was co-written by B.T. and produced by Mr. O'Neill and marked their first attempts at doing anything with their lives.

  • The Simpsons Index is a podcast for any Simpsons fan. Elliot Jay O'Neill hosts a rotating pannel of Simpsons "experts", watching, discussing and catagorizing episodes of one of TV's greatest shows.

  • Loughlin Dyer is the awesome artist behind the PFR logo and the "Bottom of the Ocean" poster! You can check out his brilliant work over on his wordpress page

  • Chiara Noemi Monaco provided the fantastic art for our “Jazz Noir” and “Working Class Wizards” artwork! you can find more of her work Here

  • Paul Kimber lent us his artistic talents to create the posters for "Irma Strauss" and "Terror in the Walls" and you can find his work on his website Here

  • Felipe Saravia provided the smooth backing tracks for “Jazz Noir”, you can hear more of his work on his website